Sharon Cummings

I live in beautiful sunny Florida year around.

I grew up in Sarasota near my Grandmother who was also an artist. She graduated from historic Ringling Art School. I learned a lot about painting and even more about patience under her guidance. All of my artwork is a dedication to her (Dorothy Baird Denham): a great artist and a wonderful teacher.
I received my own art degree in 1993 in Tampa Florida (University of Tampa) specializing in the commercial and marketing aspects of creative design. I am a self taught painter with no formal education in the medium. I prefer abstract work, but paint classically as well.

“A little about how I paint. I paint everything FLAT. I don’t use an easel. I never have. I paint by some unique 6th sense or something because I put it all down on canvas and it all just comes together. I don’t sketch anything. I don’t practice anything. I just paint. When someone asks for a style I don’t normally do, if I say yes, then I simply paint. My only thoughts are, “Let’s see what happens.” And I let the creative force flow. God has truly blessed me with a gift because, I have sold over 3,000 paintings since I have been online. I work hard and I scrutinize every piece I paint. I will see some fleck of dust in a painting and worry about it. No one else would ever notice, but I do. I honestly care about my work and I care what the people who receive it think. I am a sensitive indeed and I want my art to be well received. I want my art to make a house a home or a business a welcoming place. This is what I do. This is who I am.”

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