Mikki Senkarik

I always wanted to be an artist; my mother encouraged me to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil. After earning a Fine Art Degree at the University of South Florida, I was accepted into the elite field of Medical Illustration and graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. I’ve illustrated 47 major medical textbooks and in 5 of the 9 years working as a Medical Illustrator my peers gave me the honorary Award of Excellence, our profession‚Äôs highest award.
On February 4, 1990 God allowed a tall, dark, handsome stranger to walk into my world and turn it “Right Side Up”. That man was Jack White. He became mentor, art teacher, best friend, biggest fan and the love of my life. He taught me to paint and gently led this shy girl from being a victim to becoming victorious over an abusive past.
Because of Jack’s knowledge, generosity, love and encouragement, the dark brambles of abuse from my childhood and first marriage have been transformed into a joyous garden. Ed Marhanka, one of my very first collectors, dubbed my paintings “BILLBOARDS OF HAPPINESS”. Zest for living dances from my brush onto the canvas, my mind whirls with ideas waiting to land in a painting.
“Why do I paint?”
I want to make a world where colors come alive, flowers burst with exuberance and the landscape bubbles with excitement. I want my joy to jump out of the painting and grab the viewer, giving them a big, Texas Sized HUG!

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