Osnat Tzadok

My name is Osnat Tzadok and I’m a self-representing artist. I started my painting career at 2001 and since then have not stopped painting.
I’m best known for my large-size original abstract landscape and Contemporary modern paintings, but I mostly enjoy the combination of these two.
I love using many different colors to bring life, literal feelings and vibrancy to most of my artworks. Each painting has a corresponding title with a sensible mood behind each design.
Among my styles you can find Original Abstract Art paintings, Decorative art, Cityscape, Abstract Fine Art, Modern Abstract Art, Contemporary Abstract Art, Landscape, Abstract Nature art, Abstract Original Artwork, Figures, Dune art, Geometric art, Blooming trees, Floral art and Seascape art. Most of my paintings and ideas are inspired by the nature around us, human emotions, abstract thoughts and feelings of energy and motivation.

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